Professionally trained animals for use in advertising

All Creatures Great & Small is New York's leading animal agency, providing professionally trained and handled animals. Our trained animals include everything from domestic animals such as dogs, cats and farm animals to exotic animals such as lions, elephants, tigers and many others.

Our background includes significant experience in television, film, print, special events and live work. We select the right animal for the specific needs of each job and provide the expertise of professional handlers, trainers and wranglers.

All Creatures Great & Small offers expert planning and coordination in order to achieve a successful shoot. Our team knows how a shoot works and we work closely with pre-production so the shoot runs smoothly and efficiently saving the client unnecessary takes and overtime.

With 50 years of experience and an outstanding reputation, All Creatures Great & Small is the only animal agency with a portfolio of credentials that includes a staff zoologist, two Emmy Awards, advertising agency experience and the exclusive animal contract with the Captain Kangaroo show for 30 years.

Professionals with a passion for all creatures great & small.

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