Support Team

Here are just some of the dedicated naturalists & animal professionals that make up & support the ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL A-team.

A of course, stands for Animals & all the accomplishments we are so very proud of in the way we care for, nurture & work with our creatures. We regard & respect each & every animal...whether an insect or dog...as they are all truly precious creatures.

Each member of the A-Team brings a special skill & expertise to the mix. Everyone is a humane & thoughtful individual... dedicated to the ethical & professional aspect of their work.

We strive to follow the Shoot & Safety Guidelines of the American Humane Association for film & television... even if it is a print shoot or theater production.

Many of the animals which we work with are rescued &/or rehabilitated. In addition, many of our handlers & trainers do Pet Therapy work or are involved with rescue, rehabilitation, foster & re-homing work.

Please feel free to read the mini bio on each team member.

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