Gregory Abbey

Cape Crystal Productions

I’ve had the pleasure of working with All Creatures Great & Small on a number of television projects, including a 3 season branded web series for Frontline Plus called 'As the Dog Barks'.

Cat and her team have always been nothing but professional, efficient, flexible, helpful and warm in our working relationship. Having them on set was always an asset. I found them to be fantastic collaborators as I tried to capture the vision of the project and the client’s wishes.

They always understood the vision as well and did whatever they could to make sure it happened. Of course, I also always loved working with the animals and trainers, who were personable, dynamic and very well trained. I look forward to working with them again. I can’t recommend them enough.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Bette Adams

Set Designer
Mary Howard Studios Artists

As a set designer with MHS Artists we have hired Cat Long and All Creatures for all our on-camera animal needs for years and years. Cat and her team are beyond professional and wonderful to work with.

I have tasked them with many difficult client requests and they always deliver beyond expectations. The commitment to well being and care for the working animals at All Creatures is impressive. As an animal lover and dog parent I always feel so good knowing that all the animals I am working with are having a good time doing the job and they are very loved and cared for.

I cannot recommend working with Cat Long and All Creatures more! They are simply the best.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Nick DesJardins

Set Designer
Nicholas DesJardins Studio

I always say the two things that are the most difficult to source are vehicles and animals, because they need to exist; it’s not something you can throw money at and get made for a shoot.

I’ve been working with Cat and All Creatures for 13 years and they’ve always been there for me and my team, going above and beyond to make our often (if not always) last minute requests and needs happen.

They’re there to help in all stages of the creative and logistic side when it comes to choosing and sourcing the right animal for the job.

As an animal lover I know that when I use All Creatures the safety and care of the animals is something I won’t need to worry about as it is always top concern with Cat and the crew. I look forward to many more years of experiences.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Viki Rutsch

Production Designer
Rose Bud Design Inc

Cat, Kara and Ruth of All Creatures --- always on time, professional, more than accommodating, and willing to go the extra mile. This includes anyone of their team who accompanies them on set or location.

In this industry we often have vendors who tell us we cannot accomplish what our creative directors are asking. All Creatures is always working with us to accomplish the far-reaching creative goals of our clients.

Tirelessly locating the right animal talent, looks, temperament and experience, and always meeting our goals and going beyond expectation.

Whenever Animal talent is a request my first call is to Cat Long and All Creatures. Going on 20 years for me...

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Steven Dam

PRODn / Production at Art + Commerce

We have worked with Cat from All Creatures Great & Small on shoots with photographer Steven Meisel for over 10 years, for projects including: American Vogue, Italian Vogue, Lanvin, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Moncler and countless others.

All Creatures has been an amazing asset to all of these shoots – they have a friendly and professional demeanor, calm on-set energy and we value their contribution and professionalism in composing beautiful images.

Although shooting with animals can be a daunting process, Cat makes it easy for us all and we cannot imagine shooting without her!

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Carli Davidson

Photographer / Director / 2X NYT bestseller

All Creatures has set a new standard for what I expect in my animal agencies.

Working with Cat and her team I know that I will have the absolute best experience from casting and training to the day of shoot. Talent is always 100% set ready, and comfortable in front of a camera. Her trainers understand what is needed to get the shot, keeping shot lists on time and delivery to my clients above and beyond what they expect.

Always over-prepared and on budget, I never have to worry about having healthy, smart, and friendly animals who are ready to work it. Also having a simple pricing structure and relationships with their Humane reps keeps my producers happy!

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Lynda de Zorzi

Production Supervisor

All Creatures Great & Small is my go to source whenever a production requires the use of animal talent on set. The team is highly skilled and qualified in assisting managing client’s expectations of animal use, from vest wearing cats, to reindeer in July, and more. From the casting, training, thru on set wrangling of animal talent no one can hold a candle to All Creatures. In addition, they are always 100% transparent in terms of pricing and have never hit up production with any out of the blue costs helping to keep production on budget!

I used All Creatures for a shoot in July that required a reindeer. Cat was extremely communicative about all logistical and animal safety concerns, attended our tech scout, and assisted us in planning a safe (for animals and crew) shoot. The team's vast knowledge allowed me to communicate effortlessly to our client and plan accordingly. Who knew caribou antlers shed in the summer? All Creatures Great & Small that’s who. #1 Choice - why go anywhere else!

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Andy Harman

Set Designer
LalaLand Artists

I have been using All Creatures for nearly 15 yrs.

Throughout my career, there have been many requests for animals, most of the times these requests are demanding and bordering on crazy, cat has always been able to make it all happen.

I can always count on All Creatures to be honest, realistic, accommodating and always, always reliable.

Cat and her handlers make my jobs with animals run a million times better.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Mike Scalere

Executive Producer
Soul Kitchen Creative

When Nickelodeon wanted turtles to race around a miniature NASCAR track...

When History Channel requested we shoot historical figures as Cats...

When Nickelodeon needed tiny hamsters to cook tiny meals in a Tiny Kitchen...

We called All Creatures Great & Small.

Many of our projects seem impossible before the addition of animals. We are lucky to have found a partner that can take whatever strange ask a client may have off of our plate, so we can tackle the rest of the seemingly insurmountable task.

Cat and her team go way beyond simple animal casting. They tirelessly search for the perfect looking cat or dog or turtle. In addition to casting, they take the time to train the animal so that their performance is exactly what our clients are looking for on the day of the shoot.

On set, Cat works with our crew so they can adjust their movements and communications and not disturb the animals which sets the animal up for success.

All Creatures Great & Small has successfully disproven half of the old saying, “Never work with kids or animals”. We welcome the projects knowing All Creatures Great & Small are on our side.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Hillary Weintraub

Freelance Production Supervisor

I have had the pleasure of working Cat Long and the rest of the All Creatures Great & Small team for the past 7 years. I see 1st hand how well cared for these animals are, not only by Cat, but all the handlers that come to set.

Cat is always extremely professional and flexible to work with too --- which is an extremely important factor when choosing a company to work with.

An added bonus is that Cat and the ACG&S team can also provide a dedicated rep to cover the necessary HAT-d (Humane Animal Treatment Documentation) services and certificate-needs --- which takes one additional step out for me!

Additionally, ACG&S’ animals & handlers are always well prepared, which is a big concern when using animals in commercials. Basically, I know I’m in good hands when I call Cat for any animal needs which I have on set.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Diana Deldeo

Commercial Line Producer

I have been working with Cat and All Creatures Great & Small for over 10 years, not only with standard animals but also exotics. They have provided me all sizes and breeds of dogs as well as bees, honey combs, butterflies and lady bugs.

They are ALWAYS my first call when bidding a project. We collaborate on all aspects of the job including animals actions, stunts and training needs. They give me accurate lead times, reliable rates and realistic expectations. On smaller jobs with challenging budgets, All Creatures works with me to make the numbers work --- without ever shortchanging the job.

I have only worked with superior trainers and animals when working with All Creatures. They come to set prepared and always have all necessary supplies. The trainers are amenable off camera and extremely helpful when the animals are on camera. Their Humane Animal Treatment Documentation services are flawless.

I strongly recommend ACG&S for all living creatures; the experience from start to finish is always pleasant, professional, and client and agency friendly.

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Becky Di Lallo

Production Manager

In Commercial Production, decisions are rarely final. What may seem to be a perfect fit initially, can later turn out to be the opposite.

As a Production Manager, I need to work with people who are flexible, quick to respond and can handle the quixotic behavior that frequently comprises the film world.

All Creatures understands that decisions can and will be last second and that decisions will most likely change again and again. Need options for a cocker spaniel after creative changed the breed three times already... and the commercial shooting tomorrow? All Creatures has been there and done that. They will provide you with options and notes on what each animal can/cannot do... and they deliver!

I remember during one shoot, an additional cat was requested to the one that was on set already. All Creatures leapt to the occasion and found an available cat with the necessary training to be on set within 1.5 hours.

Go with All Creatures, they are not only a great company, but the people who work there are pretty awesome as well!

All Creatures Great & Small Vogue Birds Quilt

Joy Saylor

Head of Production
MacGuffin Films

I have found All Creatures Great & Small to be the most reliable and professional animal actor service around.

From training to filming, Cat and her team of trainers and owners partner with production for a consistently positive and successful filming experience.

I’ve worked with Cat and All Creatures for over 20 years and can confidently recommend them for their seamless collaboration with production, their reliable delivery of what was promised and their professional, humane and expert treatment of the animal talent they provide.

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