ANIMALS: Gratitude & Dedication

We can all say we are ‘animals lovers’ but it is another thing to truly dedicate your life, your interests & your career to animals as ALL CREATURES does. The very name was chosen to show the RESPECT for... all creatures great & small.

It is not a 9-to-5 situation, it is a way of life. We all live & work with our animal-friends. They are more than pets, they are our family.

We cannot provide our services without these amazing animals & we take this responsibility seriously. We are their voice on set & we have a genuine obligation to do the very best job possible for them; safely & humanely. Every job, every day, on or off set.

All Creatures Great & Small is proud of the way we choose to conduct ourselves.

We are the only agency founded by a zoologist.

Our team members pursue a commitment to improving the lives of animals off the set through:

  • Provide Pet Therapy
  • Work on the Animal Ambulance
  • Offer animal behavior assessment & training for dog shelters
  • Sit on Boards for local shelters & rescues
  • Foster parent dogs & cats until they find their forever-home
  • Donate their time, money, & services
  • Teach Pet First Aid classes
  • Care for animals as a vet tech
  • Volunteer & support wildlife efforts

We collaborate with our clients to select the right animal talent for each job & to review the appropriate animal actions.

We put Humane Animal Treatment & Safety first. Always. We will, & have, turned down jobs that seemed inappropriate or not safe.

We do not compromise our standards. Ever.

We personally & professionally support wildlife, conservation & animal-issues --- locally & globally. We are constantly re-assessing what we do to make it better for each & every animal, every day.

We encourage all others to do the same.

Thank you!

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