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Lead Handler, Production & Bids, Animal Trainer, Naturalist

Cat Long

Cat grew up in a world surrounded by domestic & exotic animals. As the 5th generation of animal-lovers, it comes to her naturally.

Cat’s mother was a zoologist, animal foster-mother & wildlife rehabilitator. As a family they cared for, rehabilitated, trained & handled all kinds of animals... orangutans, cougar cubs, raccoons, baby deer, owls turtles, &, of course, dogs & cats. Even as a child, Cat's always had a ‘special touch' with all animals. She was able to handle & care for them in a way that others could not.

Her mother, Ruth started one of the first animal talent agencies on the East Coast & continues to be the longest working NY animal professional at over 65 years. Cat was exposed to all aspects; from the animals, to the business, to set work.

After College at Dartmouth, Cat worked in Advertising, Production, & Marketing Communications which enabled her to understand the entire process & her clients’ needs.

Cat has led Pet Therapy programs for seniors, special needs kids, camps & schools for over 30 years. She was interviewed on NPR & featured as an animal agent on The TODAY SHOW. Cat’s animal work was highlighted in ODD JOBS, Working Dogs: K-9 to 5, & she co-wrote/edited GOOD MORNING CAPTAIN.



Lead Zoologist, Animal Consultant, Educator, Producer

Ruth Manecke

Ruth grew up in a family where her father & grandfather were naturalists & doctors. In an era when exotic animal vets were rare, they were asked to care for unusual animals because of their medical background. They saved many animals lives.

Ruth’s started at the Animal Sciences Dept. at Yale before working at the Bronx Zoo. She provided animal education programs to children & families. Ruth became an animal educator, sharing her knowledge & respect of animals to thousands. In addition to her daily work as a zoologist & wildlife rehabilitator, she also fostered many other animals.

When television was in its infancy, Ruth hosted her own educational children's program on live TV. Ruth then became Lead Zoologist on the CAPTAIN KANGAROO TV show. She provided animals every day over its 30 year run. Ruth earned two Emmy Awards & a Peabody (radio). She authored a book, A Zoo Comes to You, & has been featured in various publications.

Ruth loves & respects animals to this day. She continues to teach, consult & advise many others in her field.


Lead Trainer & Handler; Animal Coordinator

Kara Steffensen

Kara’s love of animals, especially dogs, started at a young age & blossomed as an adult. Kara's passion inspired her to take seminars & training classes with her dogs. As a result, Kara's work with animals evolved into her career.

Kara competed competitively with her dogs in flyball & disc. She even qualified for the disc world finals. Kara's life has also been fulfilling through her advocacy for animals & rescue work. She has many rescue & foster dogs of her own.

Kara serves on the board of two 501c animal groups that educate & promote animal welfare & rescue. Although dogs are her specialty, she has extensive set experience with a wide range of species, including insects, bears, snakes, birds, kangaroos, lemurs & more.

Having an initial background in Customer Service, Kara found her true calling when she joined All Creatures in 2011. Her people skills combined with her animal expertise is an ideal combination. Kara’s ability to accommodate the challenges & changing needs on set is a tremendous asset to clients, company & animals alike!



Team Administrator, Production Support, Logistics Coordinator

Pam Rutan

Pam comes to the ACG&S Core Team from a diverse background. Her expertise in managing business along with her experience working with animals is the ideal combination for her new role.

For more than 25 years, Pam’s work with Pedigreed Persian Cats includes breeding, nutrition, grooming, handling & showing. These skills, combined with her business background in Project Management, Organizational Logistics & Resource Networking, is a great asset to All Creatures.

Pam’s commitment to Customer Service & Team Support keeps the business operating smoothly & clients happy.

Pam has worked on sets with her own cats both in front of the camera & behind-the-scenes. This combination gives Pam an ideal perspective on how a job needs to be set up & to run successfully from start to finish.



ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL is very proud of our Animal Expert Team. We believe it is essential to understand each unique animal. That’s why our team is so exceptional. Our experts & specialists choose to work with ALL CREATURES because of our professionalism & dedication to the animals.


Feline Expert, Multi-Animal Handler, HAT-d Rep

Sharyn Hauck

Sharyn grew up with rescue cats & continues to work with feline rescue groups & shelters. She has helped humanely capture, spay & neuter many cats in the community & fostered mother cats & newborn kittens.

Sharyn’s work evolved as she became a vet tech at a cat-only veterinary clinic. Her focus & passion includes learning the psychology & natural behaviors of the Cat.

Sharyn chose to enter the world of Pedigreed Cats to perserve & promote two rare breeds: the Bombay & the Burmese. Her work has positively impacted these breeds around the world.

Sharyn’s standards, ethics & ability to understand cats is a tremendous asset on set to the ACG&S team & clients.

Favorite Jobs: Givenchy, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, & Harry Winston


Lead Dog Trainer, Multi-Animal Handler, HAT-d Rep


Michelle’s love of dogs started as an adult when she opened her home & heart to her first dog, a border collie named Taboo. Little did Michelle realize how this adopted dog would change her life.

As her human-dog relationship bond grew, Michelle started doing lots of fun dog activities, training & dog sports. Michelle also trained & competed in flyball, dock diving & frisbee.

Michelle is a self-taught trainer & a dedicated student of positive-training methods. As a result, her dogs have become frequently requested talent on sets.

Michelle’s dogs include her border collie, Taboo; a Jack Russell mix, Mabellene; a 4 lbs B&W chihuahua, Cuervo; & her new Terrier mix, Buttercup, have all been featured in many jobs.

Favorite Jobs: Electrolux, Chico’s, Macys, ProHeart, CB2 x The Hillside, Clear, & Vogue


Lead Dog Trainer, Multi-Animal Handler, HAT-d Rep


Trudy is the Agility Training Director at her local dog club where she coordinates & helps train many breeds of dogs. She is a breeder of champion Bearded Collies. She has won many dog awards.

Trudy grew up with lots of pets & is dedicated to working with all animals. Her focus & passion is breeding, training, & showing Beardies. Trudy trains & competes in agility, obedience, rally, barn hunt, tricks, & herding.

Trudy was a finalist at the first Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, where she successfully competed for 7 years. She now works with her 5th generation of Beardie agility champions & continues to enjoy developing their skills as canine actors.

She runs a successful grooming business where her clients are dogs, cats, rabbits & even guinea pigs! Trudy respects the bond that forms between the trainer & dog & loves the challenge of teaching new skills. Her dog Rugby is a set-favorite.

Favorite Jobs: JC Penney, Vera Wang, Pedigree, & Frontline


Bird Expert, Multi-Animal Handler


A lifelong love of Birds/Ornithology led Dan to run his own 501(c) 3 bird rescue & sanctuary. His own personal menagerie, which he enjoys along with his wife & new baby son, range from birds to dogs, ferrets to turtles, & a variety of others.

His bird collection includes a wide variety ranging from Hyacinth Macaws & Sun Conures, to Finches & Canaries. Some set favorite birds include Tonic, a 65 year old Blue & Gold Macaw, & Beaker, a small Blue Parrotlet.

Dan is recognized by the County & State; he helps them by sheltering confiscated & rescued birds. He works with experts around the US & travels worldwide consulting with others.

Dan & his Sanctuary team are dedicated to educating people on the proper care & unique needs of birds. Their outreach programs introduce birds to the public & ensure placement in forever homes.

Favorite Jobs: Tiffany & Co., Martha Stewart Living, Harper's Bazaar, & Vogue

Heather & Jessica

Animal Specialists, Multi-Animal Handlers

Heather & Jessica

Heather & Jessica have acquired a collection of animals that were either adopted, rescued or placed in their care through USDA confiscation. They have provided these animals with a stable forever home, excellent quality care, wonderful meals & a nurturing safe environment – often for the first time in their lives. Heather & Jessica travel to schools, nursing homes & Special Needs facilities promoting animal education & kindness.

Their focus & commitment is to promote “Conservation through Education” with these special animals. Wildlife conservation, along with teaching people about animal care (proper diets, habitats & respect for animals) is always a favorite topic.

Their Traveling Animal Ambassadors include Kangaroos, Lemurs, reptiles & many rescued domestic farm animals.

Favorite Jobs: Angelina Jolie Premiere Magazine, Muse Music Video, & NYE with Anderson Cooper


Lead Dog Handler, Multi-Animal Handler, HAT-d Rep


Joe has a lifelong love of animals & nature & has owned a variety of dogs, birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians & fish. Joe has owned, trained & handled a variety of breeds in conformation, Rally obedience & lure coursing.

Joe is a licensed clinical social worker & has spoken at Advanced Dog Training workshops on the human element in dog training. He currently lives with an English Bulldog & 2 rescued Pit Bulls.

Joe currently works with VetMedics Veterinary Ambulance transporting critically ill & difficult to handle animals. He volunteers with rescue groups including Greyhound Rescue & Rehabilitation & Friends of the Feathered & Furry Wildlife Center. His work sometimes involves assisting law enforcement & Environmental Conservation with rescue & transport.

Favorite Jobs: Harper's Bazaar with Gigi Hadid, Macys, Neiman Marcus, O Magazine, Kehinde Wiley


Birds of Prey Handler, Master Falconer


Brian has been an educator to thousands of people over the years. His passion & interest started as a child. Brian has dedicated his entire life to learning & sharing the intricacies of birds of prey.

Brian works with a wide range of Birds of Prey including Hawks, Falcons, Crows & Owls. His working relationship with his birds is based on understanding nature & what naturally motivates birds.

Brian's educational programs touch upon the natural environment, conservation, animal behavior & the art & science of Falconery. He leads many programs including Green Chimneys (Bird of Prey Day).

Favorite Jobs: Edun, Tiffany & Co., GQ with Michael B. Jordan


Reptiles, Amphibians, Marine & Aquatic Specialist, Multi-Animal Handler


A multi-species handler, Steve has been a Herpeculturist for over 45 years. Although his love of reptiles & amphibians is diverse (snakes, monitors & turtles), his specialty is rare Geckos. Steve collaborates on projects around the world & studies species in their native habitat.

As an Aquatic/Marine Specialist (fresh, saltwater & invertebrates) for 30 years, Steve's been instrumental in many successful shoots.

Steve has also worked as a dog trainer & behavior specialist for 20 years. He collaborates with Shelters on tempermant testing & has studied Operant Conditioning, Puppy Development, & Desensitizing Fears. His personal interest in dog training encompasses Agility, Rally, Obedience & Flyball.

Favorite Jobs: Ethan Allen, Apple,, CNBC, Movado


Equestrian Expert, Horse Trainer & Handler


Cari is an expert horse trainer. She is a USDF Silver Medalist in Dressage, an international competitor & an Equestrian judge. Cari’s expertise allows ACG&S to provide beautiful & well-trained horses for film, TV, music videos, print & fashion ads.

Cari’s experience includes work with Ethan Hawke, Haley Bennett, Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly, Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, & Gigi Hadid. Her trained horses & on set skills make any actor look like an expert rider.

She is able to keep cast & crew safe while achieving complicated scenes. Cari’s professionalism, standards, ethics & collaborative skills are a reflection of the ACG&S approach.

Favorite Jobs: Ralph Lauren ad campaign: 3-Story slo-mo video at Flagship Store, NYC


Vet Tech Consultant, Multi-Animal Trainer & Handler, HAT-d Rep


Shannon is a licensed Veterinarian Technician working in the vet field for over 20 years. In addition to general vet practice, Shannon specializes in surgery, too.

Shannon has been involved in many dog sports including Obedience, Agility, Rally, Fly Ball & Protection work. Her personal dogs include Border Collies, Border Staffies, mixed breeds (All American), Belgian Malinois & a Dutch Shepherd.

Shannon has competed in Flyball, Sheep Herding, Frisbee & Dock Diving. She earned the World Level title 'French Ring 3' with her dogs.

She is a Certified Dog Trainer & teaches First Aid for Pets.

Favorite Jobs: Lenovo, Frontline, Mysteries at the Museum, Facebook

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